Your Chatbot Facebook Marketing FAQs Answered
Your Chatbot Facebook Marketing FAQs Answered
Chatbots have taken Facebook marketing by storm, and many businesses want to dive in. We've received tons of questions over the years about chatbots and they can help businesses penetrate the massive platform that is Facebook Messenger.

If you have questions about marketing in Facebook Messenger using chatbots, this FAQ is for you.

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger Marketing is the use of Facebook Messenger chat as a communication channel with prospective customers. Facebook Messenger marketing is a lot like email marketing. Except instead of using email to send promotions and drip campaigns, it's all done using Facebook Messenger and largely with Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Everything possible with email is also possible with Facebook Messenger marketing. Except when you use Facebook Messenger, you can do a lot more with email, and you can do it faster. Plus, the engagement rates are far higher than normal email engagement rates.

What is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that launches specific events or conversations. A Facebook Messenger chatbot does all of this on Facebook Messenger.

What can a Facebook Messenger chatbot do?

Facebook Messenger chatbots can help you grow your contact list, segment users according to various categories, automate your customer service, interact and onboard customers, nurture leads, and more.

Why is Facebook Messenger marketing so important?

Messenger marketing chatbot services are the biggest marketing channel that has opened up in the past ten years. Many forecasts point to its continued use in the next decade and even beyond.

Early adopters — those who tend to pick up on new technology quickly — will be the ones who benefit the most from Facebook messenger bots. This year, 85% of customer-business communication will not require any human communication from the business. Messenger marketing allows marketers to stay ahead of the curve and gain the most value right now.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Messenger marketing?

Facebook Messenger marketing allows you to reach a large number of potential customers at scale on a personal messaging platform. Messenger apps are one of the largest marketing channels and they have the highest effectiveness rates.

What Industries Use Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Nearly every type of industry and vertical is using Facebook Messenger marketing to some degree. The functionality of Messenger marketing is useful for any type of business, whether it's B2C or B2B. Increasingly, many influencers are also using Facebook Messenger marketing with chatbots.

What are some of the benefits of using Facebook Messenger Bots?

Facebook Messenger bots allow you to reach out and reply to all your customers on Facebook Messenger. You can send Messenger bots to thousands of recipients at once and automatically reply to each inquiry. Facebook Messenger bots also have higher read and click-through rates than email and conventional Facebook ads.

What are the average read and click-through rates with Facebook Messenger marketing chatbots?

The average read rate in Facebook Messenger is 80% and the average click-through rate is 20%.

What is Facebook Messenger subscription messaging?

Facebook subscription messaging is a tool provided through Facebook that allows businesses to send regular messages to people on their contact list. It's called subscription messaging because the recipient agrees to be subscribed to the Facebook Business page that is sending the message.

What are Facebook Messenger ads?

Facebook Messenger ads are native Facebook ads that have "Send Message" as the call to action. They look just like conventional Facebook ads, but upon clicking, users are automatically taken to your Messenger list, where they can interact with a chatbot.

Try our chatbots for yourself on Facebook Messenger here, here, and here. If you want to have this level of interaction for your business, but have no idea where or how to start, let's chat.
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