Why Sales Chatbots Are the Number One Way to Boost Sales
Why Sales Chatbots Are the Number One Way to Boost Sales
Chatbots use AI technology and natural language processing to simulate human interaction. These interactions can then be used in several ways, like customer service. Owing to their success in engaging users, chatbots have also been used by companies to boost their sales efforts.

Chatbots have been proven to be effective in many sales-related functions. Companies today in various industries use chatbots in lead generation, leading customers through the sales funnel, lead nurturing, and online ordering. Some companies like Marvel have found more creative uses for chatbots like using them to tell a story to promote their upcoming movies.

The possibilities of chatbot functionalities are endless, from increasing sales to decreasing costs chatbots are a competitive necessity in today's business landscape. If you're not up to the more complex ways of using them, there are some basic ones like the following.

Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to activities that attract and convert prospects into "leads", or a person who has already indicated his or her interest in a product or service. These activities are a part and parcel of sales and has become a massive online industry since sales moved online.

With the emergence of chatbots, lead generation strategists have found the perfect tool to draw in more prospective customers. A chatbot can be used to in many lead generating tactics. For examples, chatbots can be used in…

Surveys. Chatbots are now used to do simple surveys. Gone are the days when users have to sit through a boring static survey. Chatbots surveys are conversational, which makes them more engaging. And based on the answers given by the user, the data can be used to do…

Segmentation. Segmentation is an important lead generation activity because it keeps your content strategy on point. When you segment your audience, you can deliver the right content to the right person, and a chatbot can help you segment your prospects with ease, allowing you to effectively deliver…

Drip Campaigns. It's not enough to capture leads; it is equally important to nurture them by keeping them interested with relevant content. Drip campaigns involve sending marketing information repeatedly over a period to nurture prospects. This was traditionally done using emails, but users are more responsive to chatbots owing to their interactivity.

Sales Funnel

The role of chatbots don't end after converting leads. Chatbots can work throughout the sales funnel, from the top to the bottom of the buyer's journey. Lead generation, which sits at the top of the funnel, is just one of the areas where chatbots now shine. They can also be used in the middle of the funnel, where the decision-making happens, and the bottom, or action, section of the sales funnel.

Middle Funnel. After getting your prospects interested, the next step is to draw them to the middle of the funnel, where the goal is to make them decide to add that item to their cart. In this stage, the role of the chatbot is to keep the prospective buyer on course by providing the information he or she needs to make a decision.

The middle of the funnel is where a chatbot can issue remarketing ads and Facebook Messenger chat blasts. Chatbots can also resolve issues instantly. Chatbots can provide answers to minor concerns, which can be invaluable in those instances where a prospective customer is hesitant or has a simple question.

Bottom Funnel. The bottom of the funnel is where you make the sale--of you don't. Say, you got the latter result, you can still use chatbots to reengage your prospect and lead them to a close.

One of the most practical uses of a chatbot in the bottom of the funnel is cart abandonment. Here, you can program a chatbot to send a message to the user that says something like, "Hi, I noticed you left a few products in your cart. Would you like me to help you complete your purchase?" The chatbot can also be used to throw in a limited-time offer to sweeten the pot and finally close the sale.

Service beyond Borders

Companies can increase their sales by localizing their products and websites (or rather, translating the page with proper grammar and syntax). There is a substantial preference for the buyer's mother tongue, so if the customer does not understand the details of the sale, he or she will most likely abandon the sale.

If you want to have a unique advantage over your competitors, you can build a multilingual chatbot that automatically translates your message to the language of the user. This is now possible thanks to services like Dialogflow and Amazon Lex that made natural language processing (NLP) more accessible to developers. This may seem too advanced for the average sales person, but the idea is simple: you can use NLP services to do the translation for you, allowing you to speak to customers from all over the globe without spending years learning a new language.

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Don't get left behind. Chatbots are the next big thing in the world of sales. The sooner you launch your chatbot, the sooner you can experience their benefits in your bottom line.

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