Try Our 3 Best AI Chatbots: Bots That Talk Back
Try Our 3 Best AI Chatbots: Bots That Talk Back
Chatbots can simulate human interaction and conversations through AI technology and natural language processing. This natural-ness has led many companies to find creative ways in which to incorporate chatbots into helping their customers. Today, companies are using chatbots in various sales, marketing, and customer service tasks.

Chatbots are also becoming more popular as more people expect a higher level of personalized service from businesses. One study found that 96% of American customers are more likely to do business with companies that offer more personalized interactions. To succeed in this market environment, businesses are constantly finding new ways to deliver on this demand, and chatbots are the perfect technology to provide this experience.

Another advantage of chatbots is that they are not exclusive to big businesses. Even smaller operations can take advantage of a chatbot's capabilities to make the customer service part of their business more engaging.

Want to experience the capabilities of AI chatbots firsthand? Here are some chatbots you can talk to right now:

Buddy Nutrition

Buddy Nutrition is a nutrition company that offers personalized functional food and supplements to its customers. Its main products are personalized vitamin shots and protein powders that are uniquely formulated to the needs of every individual customer. Taking note of each customer's nutrition needs is a time-consuming task. This is why the company has taken advantage of the data gathering capabilities of a chatbot to make sure that each customer is getting the exact product that he or she needs.

Botworking has designed a chatbot for Buddy Nutrition that gathers important product-centric data as the customer continues to converse with it. This data includes one's present and ideal weight; workout preference and habits; supplement goals, desired flavors, and restrictions; and health goals. The result of this conversation is a supplement blend that addresses all the requirements the user described in the chat.

Chat with Buddy Nutrition's impressive AI chatbot here.


Avero designs and develops applications for the restaurant and hospitality industries. Its software suite helps businesses in these industries improve their productivity; manage teams, cost, and revenue; reduce losses due to theft and other illegal activities, and provide many other intelligence tools like analytics solutions. One way the company is helping customers zero in on the service they need is through a chatbot.

For Alvero, Botworking designed Max, a chatbot that helps restaurant owners solve their overtime issues. Max gives tips on how to deal with overtime but also collects data, which is used to suggest Avero features that can deal with the issue being discussed. Max works because customers walk away with useful information they can implement in their operation, in addition to becoming more familiar with some of Alvero's

Chat with Max here.

Our Very Own Sales Chatbot

At Botworking, we offer visitors a sales chatbot that they can play around with. Our chatbot can demonstrate how a sales chatbot talks a customer into making a purchase.

Like the previously mentioned chatbots, our chatbot probes for information that can help it narrow down the options for the user. This chatbot also can handle a customer who is hesitant about the development cost by offering a trial version of a chatbot. After a customer expresses interest in development, the chatbot can schedule a call with a company representative. This also shows the lead generation capabilities of the chatbot: using a chatbot, a company's sales team can acquire leads without lifting a finger.

Check out our Botworking chatbot here.

Want Your Own AI Chatbot?

Chatbots do not require years of coding experience to create. Guides on how to create a simple one can be found online. But if your business requires more complex chatbots that guide conversations (like the ones featured above) with customers but have no idea where or how to start, let's chat.
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