Transform Your Customer Service with Chat Bots
Transform Your Customer Service with Chat Bots
AI technology has redefined customer service, changing the way companies interact with and provide support to their customers. Nowhere is AI's transformative power more apparent than in this new era of customer service chatbots. These AI-driven applications are dramatically enhancing the customer experience throughout different industries for small and large businesses alike.

In this article, we answer frequently asked questions regarding customer service chatbots. Also featured are case studies of chatbots that have made headlines by creating new opportunities for the companies that deployed them.

What is a customer service chatbot, and do I need one?

A customer service chatbot is a chatbot built to handle customer service tasks. These bots are typically used to answer company or product FAQS like questions on pricing. Customer service chatbots use a company's existing information and resources to answer these queries. Depending on the level of programming, customer service chatbots typically recognize various forms of the same question. They can also be programmed to respond using a preferred voice or tone.

Botworking suggests adding a chatbot to your website if you have a growing number of customers from different countries requiring multi-lingual support; you don't have a 24/7 customer support team; or if you need to reduce your customer service cost. Chatbots offer companies an efficient way to scale up their customer service without a massive outlay.

Will chatbots replace customer service agents?

Chatbots can never replace human interaction. Chatbots, however, can provide a tremendous boost to a company's customer service team by handling the repetitive customer service jobs, so human agents can focus on more complex queries and transactions. Our advice is to utilize chatbots to simplify workflows by eliminating repetitive customer service tasks. It is important to keep in mind that an AI is a tool for human agents; not their replacement.

What are the major benefits of chatbots?

What are the major benefits of chatbots?

AI-powered chatbots benefit businesses and customers in many ways. Here are some of the major benefits that can be experienced straight away.

Instant Resolution

Customer service chatbots can resolve any question using a company's own source materials and FAQs, and they do this almost instantaneously.

24/7 Support

Unlike humans, chatbots don't require any brakes for sleep or food making them the perfect support for teams that are unavailable at specific hours.

Continuous Learning

Through a technology called deep learning, a chatbot can learn from its data and interactions with human users. By "teaching" a bot, they can provide better support to the customers that use them.

Examples of Amazing Customer Service Chatbots

We have established that customer service chatbots can help both businesses and customers by boosting the customer service experience. Now let's take a look at some amazing customer service chatbots in action.

Buddy Nutrition

This one is commissioned by Buddy Nutrition, a nutrition company that offers personalized food and supplements. Buddy Nutrition's chatbot can gather essential data on a customer's workout habits, health goals, and product preferences. The data collected by the chatbot is used to create a unique product specific to that customer. Doing this task manually would take a long time and a lot of people as each product has a number of nutrition factors going for it. With a customer service chatbot, the data needed to create a unique product is gathered in a few minutes.


Alvero services the hotel and restaurant industries with its productivity software. One of the many restaurant issues it solves is unnecessary overtime, and the chatbot it commissioned with us was designed to deal with this particular issue. For Alvero, we designed Max, a chatbot that offers tips on how to realistically reduce overtime in restaurants. Max can also offer the right software product based on the user's response.

The Bottom Line

AI-driven chatbots are bound to become more commonplace in the customer service field. Due to the rise of more demanding customers, their acceptance is at an all-time high and chatbots are now creating a benchmark that customers will come to expect. This means that companies who refuse to adopt chatbots for their customer service operations are bound to fall behind.

In Need of a Customer Service Chatbot?

Chatbots do not require years of coding experience to create. Guides on how to create a simple one can be found online. But if your business requires a sophisticated customer service chatbot, let's start building your chatbot today!
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