Lead Generation Chat Bots Can Significantly Boost Lead Quality
Lead Generation Chatbots Can Significantly Boost Lead Quality
Chatbots are an essential marketing tool due to their effectiveness in simulating human interactions and keeping prospective customers engaged. For one, lead generation professionals are perpetually on the lookout for new ways to reel in potential customers and chatbots have proven their worth in capturing new leads.

Nonetheless, chatbots are not only useful in reeling in new leads; they can also help businesses qualify them. This feature is of paramount importance as it can help you understand your customers better, allowing you to provide more relevant content, which in turn can help you down the line.

Here are some of the ways lead generation chatbots are helping salespersons and marketers capture high-quality leads.

Understanding the User

To understand your customers better, you'd need to set out and collect data by doing surveys and interviews—at least that is how it is usually done. To understand your customers better, you'd need to set out and collect data by doing surveys and interviews—at least that is how it is usually done. Chatbots can do this work more effectively and efficiently. With chatbots, the act of gathering data is no longer a static affair as chatbots can "converse" with users and gather information gradually as their interaction progresses.

The data gathered from this exchange can help your business in many ways. It can help you segment your customers by age, interest, gender, and other categories, allowing you to deliver the right nurturing content to the right person 100% of the time.

Relationship Building

Ultimately, you'd want to build a solid and lasting relationship with your customers. The ideal scenario is for your brand to grow an army of followers who would promote your product or service to their friends and family. Again, a chatbot can help you in this regard.

One of the most impressive qualities of chatbots is that they boost relationship-building efforts. By providing round-the-clock support in an incredibly engaging way, chatbots can help customers feel that they are valued because they have a brand they can always rely on. This level of interaction is so effective that one study found that almost two-thirds of customers prefer interacting with chatbots over actual human customer service representatives.

While we don't recommend replacing humans with chatbots completely, we do suggest allowing chatbots to support your customer service and sales teams with a tool that is perpetually ready to answer queries and provide support for your customers.

Making your Business Stand Out

You may have the best product or service in your segment, but often, it is not going to be enough if you fail to stand out. This is the ironclad principle of branding: how can one company convince people to buy one's product instead of the myriad others in the market. The answer? By standing out. By creating a brand.

Chatbots can help your brand-building efforts by allowing you to deliver content in the manner, personality, and tone that is completely unique to your brand. Think of Siri and Cortana. They're both ALS codes, but each has her own "personality" that allows you to differentiate them. Branding is not about the content of the message, but the way you deliver the message, so if you're looking to build a chatbot for your tattoo parlor, an uptight-sounding chatbot could drive away most of your prospects. A more casual tone, with a dash of wit and street smart thrown in, might be a better choice for a tattoo brand.

What We Can Do for You

Don't get left behind. Chatbots are the next big thing in the highly competitive online industry of lead generation. The sooner you launch your chatbot, the sooner you can experience their advantages in capturing new and better leads.

Let's start building your lead generation chatbot today.
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