What is Facebook Messsenger Marketing?
Facebook Messenger Marketing is the use of Facebook Messenger chat as a communication channel with prospective customers. Facebook Messenger marketing is a lot like email marketing. Except instead of using email to send promotions and drip campaigns, it's all done using Facebook Messenger and largely with Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Everything that's possible with email is also possible with Facebook Messenger marketing. Except when you use Facebook Messenger, you can do a lot more with email, and you can do it faster. Plus, the engagement rates are far higher than normal email engagement rates.

Facebook messenger marketing with chatbots provide enormous power for marketers.

The concept behind Facebook Messenger marketing is simple — it's a marketing channel that uses Facebook Messenger. And the applications are immense and promise a huge new opportunity for marketers in any industry.

What is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?
A chatbot is a computer program that launches specific events or conversation. A Facebook Messenger chatbot does all of this on a Facebook Messenger specifically. Don't let the term chatbot cause you to misunderstand the nature of these bots.

Many chatbots simulate human conversation through a conversational interface (CUI). Chatbots are web or mobile conversational user interfaces, and make it possible for humans to interact with computers in a more natural way. Facebook Messenger chatbots can be programmed to function as conversational interfaces.

Yes, chatbots can chat with you, similar to how you'd chat online with a human. But bots can do more than just chat. Chatting is simply the framework that the bot uses to prompt a whole lot of other interactions. Many of the sequences and chatbot tools in MobileMonkey are less about chatting and more about selecting options.

Why is Facebook Messenger marketing so important
Messenger marketing chatbot services are the biggest marketing channel that has opened up in the past ten years. We predict that it will remain the hottest channel for the next decade or longer.

Early adopters — those who tend to pick up on new technology quickly — will be the ones who benefit the most from Facebook messenger bots. By 2020, 85% of customer-business communication will not require any human communication from the business. Messenger marketing allows marketers to stay ahead of the curve and gain the most value right now.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Messenger marketing?
The primary benefit of using Facebook Messenger marketing is that it allows you to reach a large number of potential customers at scale on a personal messaging platform. Messenger apps are one of the largest marketing channels and they have the highest effectiveness rates.

To maximize the impact of Facebook Messenger marketing it's essential to use Facebook Messenger chat bots. Chat bots allow you to execute and automate marketing tactics such as drip campaigns,chat blasts, surveys, and customer service functions. A single Messenger bot or chat blast takes a few minutes to make, but can reach tens of thousands of people individually.

Beyond reaching customers at scale, Facebook Messenger marketing has very high click through and engagement rates — 10x to 80x better than conventional Facebook display ads or email marketing.

What Industries Use Facebook Messenger Marketing?
Nearly every type of industry and vertical is using Facebook Messenger marketing to some degree. The functionality of Messenger marketing is useful for any type of business — B2C, B2B, selling products or service.

Increasingly, many influencers are also using Facebook Messenger marketing with chat bots. By creating a Facebook Business page, influencers integrate Messenger bot functionality, build chat bots, and reach fans at an unprecedented scale.

The top twenty industries using chat bots are as follows:

  • Product/Service
  • Consulting Agency
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Community
  • Public Figure
  • Education
  • Entrepreneur
  • Website
  • Health/Beauty
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Clothing (Brand)
  • Shopping & Retail
  • Marketing Agency
  • Internet Marketing Service
  • Internet Company
  • Business Service
  • Social Media Agency
  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Advertising Agency
What are some of the benefits of using Facebook Messenger Bots?
Facebook Messenger bots allow you to achieve massive scale. If you were to attempt to reach out and reply to all your customers on Facebook Messenger individually, it would be impossible.

You can send Messenger bots to thousands of recipients at once, and automatically reply to each inquiry

Facebook Messenger bots also have high read rates and click through rates, much higher than email and conventional Facebook ads.

What are the average read rates, open rates and engagement rates with Facebook Messenger marketing chat bots?
These are the average read and open rates of users:

  • Average read rate in Facebook Messenger: 80
  • Average click-through rate in Facebook Messenger: 20%
Users who send chat blasts get these rates in the first sixty minutes of launching a Messenger campaign. When compared with email marketing, Facebook Messenger marketing with chat bots is far more effective.

What is Facebook Messenger subscription messaging?
Facebook subscription messaging is a tool provided through Facebook that allows businesses to send regular messages to people on their contact list. It's called subscription messaging, because the recipient agrees to be subscribed to the Facebook Business page that is sending the message.

Business Pages must apply for subscription messaging from their page settings and receive manual approval from Facebook. Once approved, business are allowed to send non-promotional messages to their subscribers.

What are Facebook messenger ads?
Facebook Messenger ads are native Facebook ads that have "Send Message" as the call to action. They look just like conventional Facebook ads, but when users click through, they are invited to send a message and join your Messenger contact list. Typically, this launches a Facebook Messenger bot sequence with the new contact that helps to drive conversions.
What can a Facebook Messenger chatbot do?
It might be better to ask what can a Facebook Messenger chatbot not do? The easy answer is Facebook Messenger chatbots can do a whole lot. But a more thorough answer is as follows:

Broadly, Facebook Messenger bots can do these things:

  • Grow your contact list
  • Segment users according to type/interest/size, etc.
  • Replace a large portion of customer service requests and inquiries
  • Interact with customers using in an instant and interactive one-on-one platform
  • Onboard customers
  • Lead nurturing
  • And a whole lot more…
Specifically, Facebook Messenger bots can do these things:

  • Change a reservation or flight time – Sure, we can change your flight time. You prefer the 12p flight 1981 from ATL to LGA?
  • Check a reservation status – Yes, we still have the Queen Anne penthouse suite reserved for you on Saturday. Check-in time is at 3 pm.
  • Get weather updates – "Do I need to bring an umbrella?" "Yes, you'll want to bring it with you to work today. There's a 75% chance of scattered showers through 10 pm tonight."
  • Send order confirmation — Your order is confirmed! Delivery time is 2-4 business days.
  • Provide order updates — Your order is out for delivery and will arrive by 8pm
  • Find specific products — Let's find the right lipstick color for you. How would you describe your complexion?
  • Track purchase history – Here's a complete list of your purchases over the last 90 days.
  • Ping customers on their birthday – Hey, we wanted to wish you a happy birthday! How about choosing a getaway for just you and someone special this month?
  • Order a pizza – Yep, we'll get that in the oven. One 15" supreme headed your way — 1280 Lakeshore Drive, Apt B3. See you at 5:15 pm!
  • Surveys — What do you think about the state of hot air balloon racing today? Want to take our two-minute survey?
  • Customer segmentation — Are you an agency or solopreneur? What's your MRR? What's your AOV?
  • Schedule real estate showings — Sounds like you want to take a look at our rental located at 18 North Ave. What time works for you over the next seven days?
  • Select a meeting time — Melissa would be happy to schedule a free, live online consultation. Select from the following times.
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