Everything You Need to Know About Personalized Marketing Chatbots in 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Personalized Marketing Chatbots in 2020
What Are Marketing Chat Bots?

A chatbot is an automated messaging program that communicated with customers to enhance their online experience. Chat bots send messages to customers to answer questions, provide instructions or guidance, ask questions, and ultimately create a more seamless user experience. Because of this, chat bots are becoming an increasingly important component of online marketing and conversion rate optimization.

How Chatbots Work

Let's say you're looking for a gift from an online store, but you're not sure what you want. Traditionally, you would go to the website, search through a countless number of items, and hopefully, find something you wanted. Now, instead of all that hassle, you would simply utilize the chatbot functionality on the website to explain what you're looking for (price points, colors, gender, etc.). Based on this information the chatbot could provide you with options that match what you're looking, or even take you to the exact perfect fit, making online shopping faster and painless.

Why Businesses are Loving Them

The need for chatbots has grown, thanks to customer demand for instant answers and personalization. LivePerson found that 96% of Americans said they are more likely to do business with a company that interacts with them in a personalized way. To thrive in this type of market, businesses would have to adapt and adopt technology that can deliver this type of experience.

Chatbots have been proven to deliver a customer experience better than static menus and surveys. As a result, their use is forecast to increase in the next five years, and possibly beyond as technology continues to evolve. In fact, experts expect nearly 80% of companies to use chatbots for their online marketing activities by 2020.

Designing your Marketing Chatbot for increased Personalization

In order to develop a high personalized and effective chatbot, you should consider the following topics in addition to consulting an expert chat bot designer.

1. Create a welcome message

The welcome message, or the first message that will greet your customers, is one of the most important steps in designing a chatbot. While experts will have a variety of advice on the best ways to engage customers, welcome messages set the tone for your chatbot and your brand.
2. Set up conversation navigation

The conversation navigation is the bot's content structure (i.e. the script for the bot). The bot's content structure is made up of "blocks" that function like individual website pages. Each a block may contain text, images, or plugins, and as users chat with the bot, they move from one block to another. It's important to train the bot on what questions your consumers are most likely to ask to best engage and assist your client base.
3. Add the chatbot dialogue

Once you've decided what questions are most likely to be asked, you can then decide how best to answer them. Some companies choose to engage the customers and answer these questions in different ways. Some include humor, modern culture, and more but most importantly, you'll want to make sure your providing customers with clarity and immediate help.

4. AI

Are you looking to incorporate AI to help better understand your customers? Artificial intelligence allows chatbots to use patterns in data to make decision on how best to respond to customer inquiries. With A.I, chatbots can apply these responses to similar problems or different questions – all without human intervention. This helps businesses better address customer inquiries and problems improving the customer experience and leading to greater sales.

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