9 Awesome Sales Chatbot Examples That Work
9 Awesome Sales Chatbot Examples That Work
When it comes to online lead generation, chatbots have become the number one choice. The reason for this widespread adoption is simply human nature. We love to talk, which is why static forms and surveys are increasingly being replaced by chatbots, which are becoming more engaging by the day.

The effectiveness of chatbots was expected years ago. In a 2016 research study it was found that the most used social networking app is Facebook messenger and What's App, apps that provide customers a reliable and easy platform of internet shopping to save their time and to make them feel better. This being said, chatbots can provide customers with this conversational commerce they are avidly seeking.

Here are 9 examples of companies that have created awesome chat bot sequences worth learning from.

The Beard Club

Beard kit care supplier The Beard Club launched a conversational marketing campaign to target its over 1 million Facebook followers. The company used a chatbot to execute their giveaway campaign. It worked, and the result was 300,000 new subscribers, a 62% click-through rate, and a boost in their bottom line.

Open-source database MondoDB installed messaging tool on its site to improve lead generation and qualify leads. This chatbot can answer questions and guide the qualified prospects to a call with the company's sales team. MongoDB grew opportunities by 170% in three months because of the chatbot.
Domino's Pizza

Initially, Domino's chatbot allowed customers to order their preferred pizza by replying with an emoji in Messenger. Domino's then expanded on the idea by letting the bot handle the entire menu. Pizzas, wings, and other items can be ordered using Messenger.
National Geographic

National Geographic wanted a new way to promote 2019 Almanac to their 46 million Facebook fans and promote their 2019 Almanac. The solution was to create a daily trivia chatbot powered by content from their Almanac. Users were able to tell the topic they liked most and the bot would respond with a question about that topic. The company reported that 65% of users came back daily to answer trivia questions, giving National Geographic more opportunities to offer its products.

Carmaker KIA used a chatbot that turns Messenger into a viable platform to help car buyers find answers. According to the company, the chatbot generated three times more conversions than its main website, 21% vs. 7%. In total, the company has exchanged 600,000 messages with customers, leading to 50x more engagement through Messenger.
Bud Light

Bud Light dabbled with chatbots back in 2017 to drive demand and purchase throughout the NFL season. The bot reminded users to stock up on beer before the game. The campaign did its job as evidenced by its impressive 83% engagement rate.

The popularity of chatbots in the travel industry is rising. Transport company Amtrak has Julie, a chatbot that answers questions about the company's services and finds the shortest route to the customer's destination. Customer response to Julie has been overwhelmingly positive. According to the company, the chatbot increased its bookings by 25% and saved them $1 million on customer service.
Bank of America

Bank of America has its own named virtual assistant chatbot: Erica. Erica has been designed to help users with various transactions like bank balance information and bills payments. In 2019, the company reported that Erica has engaged an average of over 500,000 new users per month and has completed more than 50 million client requests.

Emirates in 2018 used chatbots for its tour operating arm Emirates Vacations. The bot is triggered upon pressing a display ad. It allowed people to ask for travel and trip questions and receive answers immediately. According to the company, the chatbot led to an 87% increase in engagement compared to its traditional ads.
Add your company to this prestigious list by adding chatbots to your lead generation strategy today. There are many types of chatbots to choose from. There are lead generation chatbots like this, a survey chatbot like this, and chatbots for e-commerce like this one. Botworking also has top tier developers that can create customized chatbot that suit your business' specific needs.

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